MandL Deleted Scenes: From #256 & #257
30 minutes of deleted scenes, outtakes and more from episodes 256 and 257!
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Marc & Lowell Premium #107: Doodie Face Killa
Lowell's sister Jamie returns with tales of her celebrity make-up life, her career in stand-up, and more. Plus travel horror stories, Facebook faux-pas, The Hock sends Marc a gift and one of MandL's regular listeners has a problem with the boys...
Marc & Lowell Premium #106: Camel Jo
Marc & Lowell's first ever "supplement" show…it's a continuation of the Jonah wedding recap (#231)! Today, we start with a ball busting caveat and then it's on with the heat, the DJ, the toast and more!
Marc & Lowell Premium #105: Off Dopplegangers
Today, we take some calls, Lowell vs. Lisa, old school gaming and we talk Stranger Things! Plus, we're playing a brand new social media game! #OffDops
Marc & Lowell Premium #104: Up, Down and All Around
Lowell's tech adventures, an update on our local massage place, Pokemon Go, Dan & Marc's Friday night and a new admirer surfaces...
Marc & Lowell Premium #103: A Humorous Quip
Today, we finally get Lowell's full Preakness recap! Plus Marc & Dan have some gripes with each other, Lisa's unwanted guest in a public restroom and we throw back to Three's Company.
Marc & Lowell Premium #102: Lowell's Tchotchkes
Today- Lowell went to 98 Rock and didn't take Marc, Lowell visits Thomas the Train, Aly gets a free and Seth has a broken window...
Marc & Lowell Premium #101: iTwiddle
Marc's snoring is back, Bar Mitzvah fever, Prom-posals, Angel's Share, a Zombie Apocalypse prank, Lisa does some sexy shopping and the return of Lowell's Lists!
Marc & Lowell Premium #100: Riddled With Germs
100 premium shows! Today, Jonah's airport experience, Marc's experience seeing The Who, Lowell's Facebook deadline is approaching, Lisa is the Easter Bunny, Goodbye Gary Shandling and Hello David Letterman…?!
Marc & Lowell Premium #99: It's Ridiculous
Today..Dan brings virtual reality glasses to Studio A, Lowell throws down the Facebook gauntlet, Lisa in a bunny suit (?!?) and Dan's new car is causing him a lot of pain. Plus, what's Marc's announcement??
Marc & Lowell Premium #98: Half Swipe
Dan vs. his trampoline, Lowell returns with stories of babies, toddlers and snow, a cringe worthy prank on the local news, we welcome Amy's friend Andrea and we break down passive aggressive texting. Plus a super-sized easter egg that you CAN'T miss…
Marc & Lowell Premium #97: Marc...It's What's For Dinner
Lowell is busy having a baby so Jonah (and Virtual Lowell) fills in. This may be one of our juiciest, most entertaining premium shows as Marc contemplates whether or not he'll DJ Jonah's wedding. Lots of laughs and revelations!
Marc & Lowell Premium #96: The PJF
Marc, Lowell, Dan & Lisa are back with a lot to share! Aly takes another tumble and Lowell has car trouble -- Dan has some unusual bed time practices (and so do the rest of us) ?" Plus, our Powerball hopes, dreams and concerns...
Marc & Lowell Premium #95: Roll of the Dice
A jam-packed hour today! Lowell can't shop with Reid, Lisa can't shop with strangers, Star Wars apples(?!), Lowell's house and his tenants, some movie & TV talk, and we discuss how the attacks on Paris affects social media.
Marc & Lowell Premium #94: MandL Cave
Welcome back Omar Latiri (ARC) and Dennis The Cynic (City That Breeds)! Today the gang discusses the latest Star Wars trailer, Back To The Future, Walking Dead and Super Girl! Plus, Lowell is just days away from the big move!
Marc & Lowell Premium #93: True Confessions
Marc, Lowell, Lisa, Dan and Amy bring a brand new game to the show (ripped off from Jimmy Fallon), True Confessions! Plus, Lowell gives us an in depth look at the new Amazon fulfillment center, and Marc has an epiphany about growing up with Lowell...
Marc & Lowell Premium #92: Mainus
Today the boys are joined by Lisa, Dan, RJ & Amy and the big question is, will Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting finally visit the show! Plus, we learn about an MMA fighter with an unusual name, a Mamy update, a Lowell update and we talk a little Fall TV.
Marc & Lowell Premium #91: D Minor
Today, we discuss the tragedy in Virginia last week and get some insight from Lowell on the subject. Then we lighten the mood with some Ashley Madison talk, Dan hosts a new musical game and…Poop In The News returns!
Marc & Lowell Premium #90: Cranking the Crank
Today…we recap our cross-over show, Lowell went to a bachelor party, Reid is a chip off the ole block, Jonah in the news, and Lisa shares her adventures in Colorado.
Marc & Lowell Premium #89: Chazer
Lots of laughs and a heated debate on today's show! Plus, Dan gets a ticket (sort of), Reid has a new favorite TV show that shocks us, and we remember a couple of greats, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Chris Farley (as Shrek?!)...
Marc & Lowell Premium #88: The Muddy Shore
A MandL first for today's show! Plus, Marc has phone issues, Lisa gets a new phone and we hear all about her kayaking adventures! Plus, Lowell phones in from Florida!
Marc & Lowell Premium #87: Watch It! Easy!
THIS is what premium shows are all about! The return of some old friends…RJ Diaz and Jonah Berger! Today, Jonah's summer adventures, Marc's mix tape, Lisa's detox, Lowell's finger and Marc gets a gift from Jonah.
Marc & Lowell Premium #86: Prince Albert
Today we get into all of our grocery store gripes, Dan tries a social experiment on Facebook and we get into some TV talk!
Marc & Lowell Premium #85: She Went Ape
Today we discuss some recent polls taken from the MandL Fan Group page, Lowell's sister Jamie calls in and we breakdown The Long Island Medium!
Marc & Lowell Premium #84: Hilicopter
Today's premium includes Dan vs. restaurants, Marc vs. Pretzel dogs and Lowell vs. the show! Plus we play, Name That Game Show!
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